Alexa Seleno


Since I was a small child, i have been a maker. Art, books, gerbil play houses, tiny bridles for plastic horses. I drew incessantly, and still do. I studied painting and drawing in university, and was a practicing artist for a few years after graduation. I got my first Mac at the age of 29, and the rest is my professional history. I was one of the founding members and the creative head of, which ended up selling for 850 million dollars. Since then I have worked for myself, and now have almost 25 years of experience working, communicating, and managing my projects primarily remotely.

I have clients and projects I am passionate about, and nothing drives me more. I’m proud (or lucky) that I learned a very analog way to design, then was an early adopter of the internet and computers. A 20th-21st century unicorn if you will :)

I am an expert in Adobe Creative Suite, including web prototyping software, I write copy, I illustrate, and manage my own projects. I design websites, books, logos, entire brand identities, stickers, truck wraps, online ads, print ads, magnets, stationery, tshirts, totes, hats and event art. And I love it all.

Please feel free to reach out for a free consultation – I look forward to meeting you, and translating your ideas to screen or page.

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