Alexa Seleno



LaPorta’s restaurant is a beloved Alexandria VA institution. A couple of years ago, they asked me to rebrand their outdated image, and bring it up to the level of their delicious food. I also did the branding for their jazz lounge, Cooper’s. In the end, I did a new logo and palette,  website design, signage, menus and more.


The concept of Meshelle Armstrong, of James Beard award-winning Restaurant Eve, Society Fair was a gorgeous whimsical combination event kitchen, wine bar, and gourmet boutique. I designed all of their branding, signage, packaging, menus and more. And we had a blast :). Society Fair, which sadly shut its doors (along with so many other hospitality businesses) during the pandemic.

“A special thank you to Susie Acheson for her ability to take a vision and roll with it. The most fantastic graphic designer we’ve ever met.”
Meshelle Armstrong, Owner Society Fair, Restaurant Eve and more


Charlie Fink, XR expert, writer and Forbes columnist, does a weekly podcast with colleagues which focusses on extended and virtual reality. He asked me to develop a look and feel, these online graphics and a large trade fair backdrop.


The Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia is known for its wonderful restaurants, and Kaizen is one of them. A sushi restaurant with a beautiful bar and cozy booths, they asked me to rebrand their business. I developed a logo, menus, signage and more, and contributed to the restaurant’s subsequent success and eventual sale.


Lloyd and Jane is a concept from genius entrepreneur Jody Dahl, former owner of Top Fifty Ranches and Leeloo trading, and founder and director of the Jody Alise Charitable Foundation. The site will aggregate small, hand made, home raised products on a platform for small businesses nation wide. I developed the brand from scratch. To see the style guide I developed for the brand, use the button below.