Alexa Seleno



The Chef’s Stash was the brainchild of two Californian Restaurateurs during the pandemic lockdown, which as we all know was devastating for the restaurant industry. The two chefs, with their excellent fresh sources, built boxes with ingredients and recipes for their customers, and sold them for pick up. I did all their branding, site design, and promotions, as well as social media content.



I have been creating digital ad and social media campaigns for the country’s largest non profit for many years. Here are some examples.


I was hired to rebrand award-winning Public Relations firm Chatterbox PR, and went on to create many social media posts for them, including photos of swag I designed.

Working with Susie Acheson of Featherstone Design has been nothing short of transformative for our branding and marketing campaigns. Susie isn’t just an incredible graphic designer; she’s a marketing genius whose strategic insights and innovative approach have significantly elevated our brand presence. Her ability to capture the essence of a brand and communicate it through compelling designs is unparalleled. But what truly sets Susan apart is her deep understanding of marketing dynamics, which ensures that every design not only looks stunning but also works hard to achieve our strategic objectives. Engaging with Featherstone Design means you’re not just getting design services; you’re equipping your campaign with a competitive edge that is essential in today’s market. For anyone looking to make a lasting impression and drive tangible results, having Susie on your side is not an option; it’s a necessity.
– Marci Bracco Cain, Owner and CEO, The Buzz PR


I worked with DC area healthy meal service Territory Foods for many years. Here are some examples of social media content I created for them. I came up with the concepts and wrote the copy as well. (Please note I did not design the main Territory logo, and photos are the property of the original creator)

“Susie is that rare combination of design skill and conceptual acumen that makes for outsized impact. She’s inhabited our brand and brings it to life not only visually but also with messaging and copy ideas that sharpen our voice. She’s clever as hell, willing to challenge for a better result and has a flair for the irreverent and unexpected.”
Robert Morton, Co-Founder and Former CMO, Territory Foods


Noble made sauces are sold country wide in Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and Publix. Among other projects, I have created social content for them, including a carouse celebrating Women’s Day, for which I did original illustrations.