Alexa Seleno


I designed stationery for American Greetings, Snapfish, Simply to Impress and other companies for many years. My favorite projects in the genre, though, are the bespoke, custom stationery I’ve done over the years, for birth announcements, graduations, and weddings. Here are some examples. All are beautifully printed paper products – my photography skills, however, are sub-par at best :), so what you see below, save the first two, are final digital mockups.

During her tenure at ink2, Susie did everything from the complete redesign of our website (the core of our business), down to creating a lot of the very best cards we sell, all while holding one of the most senior management positions at the company. She revamped the corporate identity of both of our brands, did both the design and the copy writing on all of our marketing, and built our card personalization ui from the ground up, at the same time as playing a key role in steering the business development and strategy of the company.
Katy Greenspan, currently Content & Merchandising Director, Planet Art Stationery