Alexa Seleno



The Chef’s Stash was the brainchild of two Californian Restaurateurs during the pandemic lockdown, which as we all know was devastating for the restaurant industry. The two chefs, with their excellent fresh sources, built boxes with ingredients and recipes for their customers, and sold them for pick up. I designed their brand and their website.


Lloyd and Jane is a concept from genius entrepreneur Jody Dahl, former owner of Top Fifty Ranches and Leeloo trading, and founder and director of the Jody Alise Charitable Foundation. The site will aggregate small, hand made, home raised products on a platform for small businesses nation wide. The offering will range from macarons to grass fed beef, clothing to artwork.

What sets Suse apart is her level of care and impressive range of skills – from graphic design to illustration and beyond, she brings a holistic and diverse toolkit to the table. Although we work remotely with one another, everything is seamless; turning ideas into visually stunning designs, showcasing a level of creativity that truly stands out. If you’re seeking a graphic designer who can elevate your project to new heights, look no further.

Jody Dahl, founder, JA Foundation and Lloyd + Jane, Marketing Director for Debruycker Charolais, and former owner, Leeloo Trading


Award-winning Public Relations firm Chatterbox PR, asked me to rename and rebrand the company. I designed a fun, contemporary logo, and a palette to go along with it. I went on to design all their creative materials, from a website and email blasts, to event banners, tote bags and more.


Family owned Bay Area company Truitt & White had a wonderful company and a not-so-wonderful visual brand. They brought me in to design a new logo, palette, website, print marketing, social media presence and book.